The Programme pays special attention to the anti-discrimination and stereotype prevention measures against Roma national minority, with particular emphasis on women exposed to multiple discrimination. The main objective of activities involves sensitisation and capacity building of state actors and the civil society in implementing gender sensitive anti-discrimination measures (training and campaigns) as a contribution to reducing stereotypes and discrimination against the target group. The activities being implemented include:

  • Accredited trainings for health and social workers in 17 towns and municipalities in Serbia
  • Campaigns to prevent stereotypes and discrimination against Roma
  • Capacity building for implementation of the Rulebook on conduct of institutions in case of discrimination in education
  • Support to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality
  • Support to the Ombudsman
  • Capacity building of the Alliance against Antigypsyism
  • Campaign in cooperation with the National Council and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia for informing Roma on the importance of declaring their nationality in the upcoming 2021 Census

Petar Antić

Project Manager