8. 4. 2022.

International Roma’s day

Today marks the International Roma Day, a day to celebrate Roma culture and raise awareness of the challenges facing Roma today. Within the programme "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia" from 2018, support is provided to the Government of the Republic of Serbia in establishing and implementing mechanisms for social inclusion of Roma men and women.

Through various support measures, more than 820 people were employed, over 3,000 people were reached by various employment measures, over than 1,800 psycho-social and legal services were provided, more than 1,400 people attended various training programs, more than 1,150 health and social workers , teachers and educators participated in anti-discrimination training, campaign "Meet, do not judge!" was conducted a in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs and CSO "Ternipe", three studies were supported for the Commissioner for protection of equality, more than 34,500 hygiene and food packages for about 14,000 families were distributed in 40 cities and municipalities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, support was provided in establishing the Coordination Body for Improving the Position and Social Inclusion of Roma in the Republic of Serbia and in establishing the Expert Group, where also the process of drafting the Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma Men and Women in the Republic of Serbia is supported.

Significant results have been achieved in previous years in improving the position of Roma men and women in Serbia, but they still face many challenges on the path to full socio-economic inclusion. In cooperation with partners from the public, civil and private sectors, German Development Cooperation in Serbia will support within the Inclusion of Roma and Other Marginalized Groups in Serbia for full inclusion and equal opportunities for all Roma and other marginalized groups and will continue to work on an inclusive future with all partners in the coming period.

Baxtalo tumenge 8to Aprili!

Happy international Roma day!