Local level

In order to successfully implement the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma, the Programme is aimed at improving the conditions for achieving the objectives and the Strategy in selected towns and municipalities. By means of strengthening the structure and mechanisms for its implementation at the local level and development of individual, organisational capacities of relevant stakeholders and their networking, the following activities are being implemented:

  • Cooperation with selected towns and municipalities;
  • Strengthening of structures and capacities in selected towns and municipalities for social inclusion of Roma and other marginalised groups and reintegration of returnees;
  • Promoting cooperation between public, private and civil sector, with particular focus on employment of Roma, returnees, and other marginalised groups;
  • Empowering civil society organisations for working directly with the community in delivering measures for social inclusion of Roma and other marginalised groups, and reintegration of returnees;
  • Financial support to local self-governments in implementing employment programmes for hard-to-employ categories (Inclusion Initiative– Phase II);
  • • Implementing active labour market measures for promoting employment of Roma, returnees and other marginalised groups (career guidance and counselling, skills training courses both for the labour market and for a known employer, and support measures for starting own micro businesses).

Robert Bu

Senior Project Coordinator

Email: robert.bu@giz.de