11. 1. 2022.

New group of participants successfully completed training for security guards in Pirot

On Friday 24th December 2021. under the Programme "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia", the completion of the second training for workers of the security of buildings, property, persons and public events was inaugurated, and attended by unemployed Roma men and women and other unemployed persons who needed additional support to join the labour market.

The training was carried out by the training organizer Armada Security from Pirot, with the aim of making it easier for participants to get jobs in one of the most sought-after occupations in the labour market.

After successfully completed the training, participants were awarded certificates, with the presence of Miloš Colić, deputy mayor of Pirot, and representatives of the Programme "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia", Miodrag Shrestha, as well as Mladen Križana, representative of Armada Security.

At the ceremony in Pirot, 15 participants received certificates for successfully completing training, while 11 participants received employment contracts.

"I congratulate you on successfully completing the training, and to those who will be employed, I wish them good luck in the job they trained for. Any training that leads to the direct employment of Roma and Roma women is significant and I am glad that Armada Security has once again proven that in the area of securing facilities, is the leader in Pirot and even the region" said the deputy mayor of the town of Pirot, Miloš Colić.

"According to relevant estimates on the needs of security officers in the mandatory secured facilities on the territory of Pirot district, about 1,000 more workers are needed. A small but significant number of these deficit staff are provided by funding training for security personnel through the Programme "Inclusion of Roma and Other Marginalized Groups", with the support of GFA consulting firm. We are pleased that all candidates have successfully completed their training, and we are particularly pleased that 11 candidates will be immediately engaged," said Miodrag Shrestha.

"I am proud of myself because I have managed to overcome the penal code and I am particularly pleased that most of this group was contained of women who, like me, will be able to get jobs in a profession that interests them," said Monica Dimov, a training student.

Nikola Radić (25), who was one of the participants, said that this experience means a lot to him and that he is particularly pleased that he has mastered the skills that this training brings, and that he would like to continue pursuing this job.