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8. 10. 2020.

PRESS STATEMENT Award of a Subsidy agreements Project "Achieving inclusive socio-economic development through encouraging Roma entrepreneurship and employment"

In order to quickly, efficiently and sustainably employ Roma men and women, as well as other socially vulnerable groups, at a ceremony held on that occasion, the City of Pozarevac and the project of German development cooperation "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia" awarded 20 Subsidy agreements to entrepreneurs from Pozarevac.

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14. 9. 2020.

Awareness of rights and trust in institutions as the key to overcoming discrimination against minorities

The Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma in the Republic of Serbia 2016-2025 led to some progress in addressing the problem of discrimination against Roma. Nevertheless, difficulties have been encountered in overcoming prejudices and misperceptions about the Roma population.

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29. 7. 2020.

Call for beneficiaries - Employment as a Customer support officer at company Sitel

Do you speak and write Englis or German on a level that you are able to conduct a simple conversation, write a short email and understand general and specific details given clear speech? Do you regularly use a computer, smartphone or a tablet? Are you a people person and curious, love working in a team and helping people?

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5. 6. 2020.

Signing of Implementation Agreement between GIZ and Serbian Deputy Prime Minister

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlović signed today with the German Organization for International Cooperation - GIZ Implementation Agreement "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in the Republic of Serbia", worth 10 million euros.

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18. 5. 2020.

Support in education

As of February 2020 until May 2021, CSO “Pomoć Deci” is supporting Roma and other marginalized groups in better and easier access to education. The activities are part of German Development cooperation project “lnclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia” , implemented by GIZ in Serbia, and supported by consortium GFA Consulting Group GMbH in the lead. . Measures are carried out in Vranje, Surdulica, and Subotica, targeting Roma returnees, as well as local Roma, up to 40 years of age, who have not completed their mandatory education.

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24. 3. 2020.


Numbers of asylum seekers in the EU member states originating from Serbia have been diminishing for years, and numbers of returnees under the Readmission Agreement have fallen accordingly. Numbers of registered returnees, or persons who unreasonably reside in the territory of another county and are returning to Serbia either voluntarily or by force, as referred to in this Agreement, have fallen from 4,974 in 2015 to 2,489 in 2018.

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12. 2. 2020.


Under the German Development Cooperation project “Inclusion of Roma and other marginalised groups in Serbia”, the town of Požarevac is implementing measures “Achieving inclusive socio-economic development through the promotion of Roma entrepreneurship and employment.” The partner organisation joining forces in said activities is the Roma Association of the Braničevo District from Požarevac. The activities have started on 1 October 2019 and will continue until the end of 2020, with the planned value of activities implemented under “Achieving inclusive socio-economic development through the promotion of Roma entrepreneurship and employment” amounting to EUR 150,000.

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24. 1. 2020.

Persons most discriminated in the labour market are persons with disabilities, the elderly, persons with different political beliefs and the Roma

As suggested by opinions of the vast majority of employers, the unemployed and employees, the discrimination at work and in employment in Serbia most certainly exists – as further confirmed by the Labour Market Discrimination Survey, implemented with support of the German Development Cooperation for the needs of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality of the Republic of Serbia, and delivered within the framework of the “Inclusion of Roma and other marginalised groups in Serbia”. The study presented today at the Envoy Conference Centre in Belgrade confirmed that 92% of employers, 86% of unemployed persons, and 84% of employees affirm the presence of discrimination.

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11. 12. 2019.

Employment projects for hard-to-employ population categories

The Inclusion Initiative was launched in mid-2017 when the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities began the project-related collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, the National Employment Service, the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit and the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia.

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9. 12. 2019.

“Meet, Do Not Judge” campaign started! Anti-discrimination laws are in place and their implementation is pending

Serbia has the necessary legal base and mechanisms to combat discrimination against Roma that is unfortunately, being insufficiently and improperly implemented. The main prerequisite for improving the position of Roma is combating stereotypes and prejudices that remain ingrained in all pores of the society and henceforth limit access to education, health and social protection system, employment and housing – the conclusion reached during the panel discussion held today in Niš at “Deli” Coworking space.

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