Psychosocial Assistance, Legal Aid, Social Mediation and Educational Assistance

Two Community Centres in Belgrade, envisaged to provide psychosocial support, legal aid and social mediation services to beneficiaries, received Programme’s support in setting up. Counselling/assistance is to involve topics put forward by beneficiaries themselves regarding access to human rights in employment, housing, health care and social protection, education and discrimination. Community Centres have been established with the premise that members of the Roma community, owing to their extreme vulnerability, need additional support in exercising their basic human rights.

The counselling/assistance services are intended for member of the Roma community and other marginalised groups in Belgrade, primarily living in two substandard settlements, Orlovsko naselje in Zvezdara and Okretnica 75 in New Belgrade. The operating principles of this service are as follows: an individualised approach to finding solutions to problems; proactivity in sourcing solutions jointly with beneficiaries; team and holistic approach in working with beneficiaries; maintaining solid cooperation with institutions; and complementarity with other initiatives.

Psychosocial assistance and legal aid and social mediation are delivered by the civil society organisation, Roma Forum of Serbia, by working in the field and in community centres’ offices and as part of other activities taking place in different locations.

For more information, dates, and planned activities, please contact Predrag Momčilović at: or 060 022 82 51.

Assistance in Adult Education

With the assistance of NGO “Children and Youth Support Organisation” the Programme works on including Roma in adult education (primary and secondary education).

Moreover, persons who are returnees from the European Union countries, receive assistance in nostrification of diplomas received outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia that is provided by the non-governmental organisation “Children and Youth Support Organisation” in close cooperation with the Programme.

Municipalities: Vranje, Surdulica and Subotica

For more information, please contact:, telephone: +381 11 260 7132, ext. 4071.