11. 3. 2022.

Training for welders and locksmiths in Niš

Within the Programme "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia", implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, in cooperation with the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, the implementation of the training for locksmiths and welders is under way in cooperation with the National University of NiŠ. The training is carried out with the professional support of GFA Consulting Group, at Tim Industrial Steel company in Niš.

Training for 5 locksmiths and 5 welders began at the end of February and will continue until the end of April 2022. Jovana Čanji Aranđević, from the National University of Niš, said they were very satisfied with the selection of candidates, and that the selection process was very challenging but in the end enough good and motivated candidates applied for training. In particular, the candidate who entered training a little later and was extremely motivated to join the training, for which he temporarily moved to Nis.

Among the participants in training by experience and age stands out Dejan Dzemailovic (50 years): "I used to have contact with the metal profession, I graduated from high school for metalworkers, but I never worked in the profession. I worked in the warehouse for many years, was also head of the warehouse, and then the company went bankrupt. Four years ago I went to Slovakia to work through an employment agency, I worked at Volkswagen. After a few months at the factory they noticed that I was constantly switching the norm, they immediately hired me directly to work for the company, gave me an apartment and told me to call my family. The wife and two daughters came, but they didn't like it too much (basically life there comes down to home – work, relationships), girls go to school, so when the corona started we decided to go back to the country. " Dejan is satisfied with the way training is going, easily masters the locksmith's skills and hopes that after training he will be invited to start a working relationship.

With a saw that cuts metal profiles, we found a young Nemanja Uskoković, a fourth-year architecture student. He has a plan to open an architectural design office with colleagues after completing his studies. Obtaining certificates for locksmith/welder will enable him to register this type of activity in the bureau. "I am very pleased with the training, I have already passed several jobs and learned various skills of the locksmith trade. When I finish university, I plan to start my business – designing and producing industrial furniture," Nemanja said.