22. 7. 2021.


The Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, in cooperation with the National Councils of National Minorities and with the support of the German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, presented the beginning of a socially responsible campaign for immunization against COVID-19 virus in the Palace "Serbia". The additional value of this campaign is that the messages were also sent in the languages ​​of national minorities living in the Republic of Serbia.

The Minister of Human and Minority Rights, Gordana Čomić, pointed out that “with this campaign we want to address in languages ​​that are understandable to everyone living in Serbia how important it is to protect ourselves, because that is how we protect others. The epidemic is not over, the virus has not been defeated, and the only way to do everything in our power is to get vaccinated and thus shorten the deadline that the virus has prescribed for itself with its exponential power of infection. "

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness that vaccination protects the right to life and the right to health of the population of the Republic of Serbia - "Protect yourself, protect others", with a special focus on citizens who are members of national minorities. The idea is to spread the message about the importance of immunization and reach all citizens in their mother tongue, regardless of whether their language is in official use and regardless of the place of residence.

-As a representative of over a million citizens belonging to national minorities, I believe that the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Serbia through the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, as well as the institutions of the President of Serbia are extremely important, and on ensuring the health not only of the majority Serbian people, but also of members of all national communities of the Republic of Serbia, as shown by this campaign where members of minorities are enabled to make the right decision by addressing them in their mother tongue. In that direction, I would like to thank all the mentioned institutions on behalf of all for the effort to raise the level of awareness of members of our communities and send a clear message that the vaccine saves lives - said the chairman of the Coordination of National Councils of National Minorities Borce Velickovski.

The campaign also aims to encourage citizens to get vaccinated at a key moment, as well as to emphasize the importance of collective immunity, primarily because of citizens who are not able to be vaccinated for any health reasons.

- The campaign for immunization against the COVID-19 virus was done within the program of German development cooperation "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia" and is aimed at all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, with special focus on members of national minorities. The campaign prepared over 44,700 flyers, 1,200 posters, 21 jingles for radio broadcasts and 21 animated films for the needs of 23 communities. All materials have been translated into 19 languages ​​in cooperation with 23 national minorities living in Serbia. The special goal is to bring all the necessary information about the importance of immunization to members of national minorities in their mother tongue, as well as to get the message to all parts of Serbia - said Robert Bu, team leader of the program "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia".

So far, over 48% of the population in the Republic of Serbia has been vaccinated, which indicates that the conditions for collective immunity, which is vital for combating a pandemic, have not yet been met. Currently, the situation in Serbia is stable, but an increase in those infected with the new strain of delta virus COVID-19 is expected from September 2021, especially those who have not received any of the offered vaccines so far.